Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fast & Fab: Chad @ Champ Week Report

Well, all's pretty quiet on the Chad front, but not so quiet around here, I'm afraid...sorry for the hold-up getting you the picture you wanted!!  Here you go, finally! And I agree: I hope we get to see some of the footage from that camera! The "Video" section of his official website could use a bit of an update, hint hint!

And now for something completely different... Valli Hilaire, author of the awesome blog The Fast and the Fabulous (and generally cool-sounding person), was lucky enough to attend the Champion's Week festivities in Las Vegas, and while she was there, she was also lucky enough to meet the star of our little show here, Chad Knaus! I've never met Chad myself, so for me it's fun to hear other people's stories about meeting him and do a little vicarious living, therefore I thought I'd post Ms. Hilaire's account of the night so we can all do a little daydreaming:

Champion's Week in Vegas: The One Where I Had Some Drinks
(sounds like fun already, am I right?)

I have to say, I'm kind of relieved to hear that Chad doesn't spend much time on the Internet...that means he'll never find my insane ramblings, whew! I'm surprised that he was kind of surprised that he has his own fans, though...trust me, Chad, there are plenty of people out there who recognize excellence when they see it!

I agree with Valli on the Ron Malec issue... Yes, we think he's the hottest car chief in the business (not to mention the most talented one), but just as the writers at People don't ask Johnny Depp for a date when they come out with their 100 Sexiest Man Alive list every year, we too refrain from calling Hendrick Motorsports and asking to speak to a Mr. Ron Malec, please, about some very important business... Okay, so we can dream, right?!

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