Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blast from the Past: Dover Edition

Since I just started this blog in October, that means we only have Chad pics from Kansas through Homestead. And since the off-season is barely creeping along, I thought I'd liven up the place a little and post pictures from the rest of the 2009 season. Therefore, CKF proudly presents the "Blast from the Past" series! Today I'll be starting with Dover (one race before Kansas), and later on I'll be working backwards from there toward the beginning of the season. So, let's sally forth ever onward, shall we? (in other words, git-r-duuuuunn, lol)

AAA 400 at Dover International Speedway, 9/27/09


Have you ever noticed that they never get Chad in any of the pit road shots? Every once in a while I'll find one where it's like, "OMG, it's Chad leg!" and I'll get all excited, and then I realize, yeah, it's Chad's leg...and the rest is where? Tch, I swear, they should make me an official NASCAR photographer - I would focus on the important things! ;)

Speaking of photography, I finally bothered to upload the pics I took at the October Fontana race. I was sitting way up in the stands, but luckily I was down toward turn 1, so I could see the 48 lined up near the front before the race started. Hoping to get lucky, I got out my camera, stuck 'er on super-zoom, and just starting clicking away, trying to maybe catch Chad giving the car a last-minute look. And guess what? I DID!! Sure, he's only somewhat larger than an ant in the pictures, but hey, he's there (and I think JPM's randomly in one of them, too)! I'll have to post them just for grins one of these days... Maybe I can do like a "My NASCAR Year in Pictures" thing or something; I have pics from when I went to see the 48 show car in Irvine and Jimmie himself in Santee, too. I'll see if I can't cook something up like that...

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