Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chad on Race Hub Tonight!!

The one and only Chad Knaus will be on SPEED's NASCAR Race Hub tonight at 7 pm ET.

Will write more later...was out of town.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why JJ hasn't picked a name yet

Wondering why JJ and Chandra haven't come to a decision on what to name their baby daughter? Well, I think I might know what happened: seeing as JJ implicitly trusts Chad in all things, he certainly must have asked his 4-time champ crew chief for some suggestions on what to name her, knowing that, much like his creative solutions at work, he'd come up with something besides the usual choices like Ashley or Emily (I like those names myself, but you smell what I'm cooking...I mean, hell, my name's Jessica - doesn't get much more common than that in the '80s). What he didn't count on was how much Chad's passion for his work would influence his suggestions...

Chad's list of baby names:

- Micheline
- Valvolina
- Chevelle
- Mercedes
- Pennzoilita
- Daytona
- Charlotte

So, after JJ read the list, one of two things must've happened: either he realized that the names weren't exactly what he was looking for, or else he thought they were great but Chandra nixed them. Either way, at that point they must have reached a bit of an impasse when it became clear that Chad, despite his uncanny prowess at the track, was not going to help them in this field. Hence, they still need a few days to think about it! Sounds logical, right?

You know, in all seriousness, after writing that list, I actually think it would be kind of cool if they named her Charlotte. I think it's a good, normal-sounding name by itself, and it also happens to be a track that Jimmie's really good at, so it would have extra significance without scarring the kid for life (unlike Daytona, for example). But Pennzoilita's my real favorite, though, lol.

New Hampshire Photos

I only gave it a quick look, but I didn't see any Daytona pics, so I guess I'll get up-to-date on last week's pics, at least. And sorry for the lack of race recap this week...I was in the middle of writing it on Monday when I got on Twitter and found out that former Red Wing and general hockey legend Bob Probert had passed away, and I didn't really feel like writing anymore after that. It wasn't really shaping up to be anything exciting, anyway. It's a lot harder to think of flowery language when your guy gets wrecked with 12 laps to go...but it's a lot easier to think of colorful language, on the other hand. Anyway, the pics:

Ya know, I can't say that's my favorite pic of either one of them. JJ looks like he's entered into an oddball sunglasses contest versus Kyle Busch, and my dear Chadly has Graham Chapman-meets-hat-hair. Nothing personal, boys, you're still studs, but I just couldn't let this one go. The first pic, for instance, is much more indicative of your inherent charm. Even if you do look slightly tense there, heh. And, of course, Johnson still needs to lose the shades, but bonus points for the pose. Okay, catty fangirl will try to get some sleep know it's late when you bring up a thesaurus and then type the word "thesaurus" into it, ha.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Congrats, JJ!

Congratulations to Jimmie and Chandra, who welcomed their daughter into the world today! July 7th...I like that date. They say 7's a lucky number, and it's 7/7, so there you go! I hope all three of them have a wonderful first day at home!