Friday, December 11, 2009

New Article: What If

Writer David Dubczak talks about the X-Factor needed for a driver and crew chief to really get the chemistry flowing and make some on-track magic:
Cute quote:
"(And could you imagine being married to Chad Knaus? Re-grouting the tub every other week because it’s not smooth enough, constantly tearing apart the garage door opener to make the drivetrain more efficient, or running the family Impala out of gas one block from the driveway because he really thought they could make it? What about moving the baby seats around to redistribute the weight? Don’t even get me started on the lawnmower.)"
Well, I don't know, it doesn't sound so bad to me! ;)  Frankly, most garage doors could use a more efficient drivetrain, and I can tell you that Chad sure wouldn't be the first guy to overhaul his lawnmower - the difference is, Chad's would actually work (and work better) when he got done with it, instead of having a pile of "mystery parts" left over.

The running out of gas thing might be a problem, though... I'm a bit of a leadfoot myself (oops, almost typed "leadbutt"...that's not too far from the truth, either), so I wouldn't count on me to save any more fuel than Jimmie would (funny story about Michigan...Chad had a meeting with the chairman of Lowe's after the race, and after the meeting he gave Chad a little "gift": a big calculator with a miles per gallon chart on the back, word of a lie).

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