Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HBO Special Preview: WITH CHAD!!

Well! Just when I think there's nothing new to write about, and I resort to complete BS-ing, something seriously cool pops up! This is a preview of HBO's 24/7: Jimmie Johnson Race to Daytona series, and this time, IT HAS CHAD!! In a big way! Thank you, HBO!

24/7 Jimmie Johnson Race To Daytona: In The Pit With Knaus & Crew

I have no idea what anybody in the video's saying yet because I left my headphones in the car once again, but doods, are there some seriously badass shots of Chad in there or what?! Hehe, in that one part (about 0:36) he looks like he's in a staring contest with Clint Eastwood and Dale Sr. - and holding his own, too! Gosh, they even got Ron Malec (whose name they totally misspelled) to talk! Oh, this is going to be good!

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