Monday, December 21, 2009

JJ is AP's Male Athlete of the Year

There hasn't been much Chad news lately, but Jimmie was recently chosen for two pretty awesome awards, so what the heck, close enough.

First, Jimmie was named Driver of the Year by a panel of broadcasters and journalists for the third time (he also won in 2006 and 2007...who the heck won last year? ...oh, maybe Kyle. Whatever.). This is pretty cool because the driver can be chosen from any of the racing series in the U.S. and not just NASCAR.

Today, Jimmie was named Male Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press (story at Yep, you heard right, a stock car driver was named Athlete of the Year. Ha, take that, jerks who say NASCAR is not a sport! Ahem, anyway, Roger Federer (tennis) and Usain Bolt (track and field) were the closest runners-up. Congrats, Jimmie!

And here's your gratuitous Chad pic for the day, just to spread a little Christmas cheer:

I'll take that and a little mulled wine, and that's all I need for Christmas!


  1. He looks like he is up to no good in this picture! I love it!

  2. Hehe, that's our Chad! Always with the Thinking/Up-to-No-Good Cap on. ;)