Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Speedweeks Schedule Out/Bud Shootout Rules Change/Merry Christmas!

Even though the Daytona 500 isn't until the middle of February, technically, it's only like a month (give or take a few days) until the 2010 season begins if you count Speedweeks!!

2010 Speedweeks Schedule (

I wasn't sure if I could make it until the 14th, but the 4th seems doable...just gotta get through January! You know, January just isn't a whole lot of fun, is it? It's still cold, but Christmas is over, so there's no eggnog or nice, bright green and red decorations to lift your spirits, and then when you add in the lack of NASCAR with no holidays to distract you, it probably qualifies for my least favorite month. Well, thankfully we've still got Christmas to go, so we're not quite to the depths of despair phase yet, but once we get there, just think: only one more month until our first Chad sighting of 2010!

Merry Christmas, everybody! I lied, I did have time to stick a couple of hats on Chad and Jimmie, so here's wishing you an awesome happy holidays from CKF!

Edit: Thought this would be a good place to add that the eligibility rules for the Budweiser Shootout have changed once again, but of course the 48 still qualifies (fun fact: Jimmie would make it in under any one of the new qualifications except for "Coke Zero 400 Winner"...there ya go, guys, something to work on next year, along with total world domination, of course!). (Full story at


  1. That's those hats!

    I too can't wait for race action... can't believe I'm going to say this...but NASCAR please bring back January "Preseason Thunder". At least we got to see cars on the track even though it was testing.

    However, I can say the only good thing about January is I celebrate another birthday... maybe that's not a good thing as we get up there in age! *LOL*

    Happy Holidays Jessica and keep bringing us great Chad stuff.

    Hurry up February, I'm going through Carl Edwards' withdrawal and Chad too!

  2. Happy early birthday! And I think your wish has come true...they're doing Preseason Thunder!

    I'll keep the Chad coming for sure...maybe I'll get some pics together from earlier races this year, back before I started this thing...

  3. Thanks for the early birthday wish!

    There will be Preseason Thunder again this year, but only the drivers show up in Daytona to sign autographs for the fans. There won't be any cars on the track--no smell of fuel in the air, no primer gray cars with extreme paint jobs (Chad had some of the best over the years), and no sounds of the engines roaring, just a stinking fan event... okay I just made myself sad for racing--hurry up February these off-seasons are killing me!

    Oh yeah, if you do post pictures from over the past year, could you do me a favor and tag them with the date and place the picture was taken... One of my pet peeves that people don't do and it only makes sense to see the changes in people and cars over the years... if you know what I mean!

    Happy 2010 to you and the start of, hopefully, another great decade of racing...

  4. Ohhh, I see what you mean. Yeah, that's not exactly the same, is it? Ugh. Come onnnn, February!

    Sure, will do! I was thinking that I would start with the fall Dover race and work backwards toward the beginning of the season, seeing as how I started writing this after Kansas, so we already have the race pics from Kansas through Homestead. I'll be sure to post the date and which race it was.

    Happy New Year to you, too! It'll be even happier when February rolls around, lol.