Friday, December 4, 2009

Rackin' up awards already!

More congrats to Chad, who picked up the Championship Crew Chief Award at the NASCAR NMPA Myers Brothers Awards yesterday, and also won the Smokey Yunick Award for Best Engineering and Special Effects at the Stewie Awards last night.

I must say I'm a bit miffed that Chad didn't get the DirecTV Crew Chief of the Year Award at the Myers Brothers thing, but David Caraviello explained on that "there were sponsor-driven awards that led to some rather curious winners" and named this award as one of them. To be fair, Darian Grubb, who did take the award, was one of the least curious winners on the curious winners list (Montoya, driver of the year? Jack Roush, problem solver of the year? Huh?), and he did do a pretty awesome job most of the year, so I'm only a little miffed.

Can't wait for the big banquet tonight! It starts at 9 pm ET (woo, that means 6 PT! Something finally worked out in my favor, ha!) and it's on SPEED. It looks like something NASCAR-related is on right before the big show, so set your DVR for that, too.

More pics! From the NMPA Myers Brothers Awards:

Stewie Awards:

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