Tuesday, December 29, 2009

News Round-Up

The NASCAR.com staff named Jimmie Johnson their Driver of the Year today, and Cup Driver of the Year on Saturday. For the overall Driver of the Year award, 6 out of the 8 writers voted for Jimmie, and the other 2 voted for Kyle Busch (I agree he deserves at least a nod). Jimmie, Jimmie, Jimmie...I know, sorry, but Chad just ain't in the spotlight at the moment. Where are the Crew Chief of the Year Awards, dammit?! Maybe it's too obvious who would win...still, the gesture would be much appreciated!

I thought this was a great quote from an article by Dorothy Nobis at the Farmington Daily Times, who was pondering what to get her favorite drivers for Christmas:
"So, Jimmie gets our best wishes for Christmas on accounta he has everything else. I was gonna give Chad Knaus my telephone number for Christmas, but I got this really nasty note from his attorney that told me to 'cease and desist' or he'd havta get yet another restraining order and my parole officer says if I get one more restraining order against me, they'll have enough to wallpaper the rotunda in the White House. Whatever." (Full article)

Gee, that's funny, I got one of those, too! Apparently sending multiple fruitcakes to "C. Knaus, c/o Hendrick Motorsports, Concord, NC" is frowned upon by the authorities. Bummer. But I'm just kidding, of course...I mean, nobody would send fruitcakes to somebody they like! Muahaha, and you thought I was going to say I was kidding about the restraining order(s)! *creepy stalker music plays, lightning flashes*

Moving on, Bleacher Report has some nice things to say about Chad (halfway down the page) in this article about the 48's success. Frankly, I just like the part where the author calls Kyle Busch "the Lady Gaga-like figure of the sport," lol (I like Kyle, but that's funny right there, I don't care who y'are). I could see Kyle wearing random pointy objects on his head pre-race, just to mess with everybody's minds...in fact, I'd thoroughly approve if he did, because I relish every opportunity the drivers get to mock the media (which is ironic because in a way, I kind of am part of the media now...a not-so-significant part, granted, but at least I don't ask drivers, "What happened?" when clearly the answer is that they crashed, you moron).

And for those of us going through Chad withdrawal, here's a couple of videos from Homestead to get your recommended daily intake in.
  • Chad on NASCAR Now after the Homestead race (woohoo, I was so bummed because I missed this when it was on TV! I'm going to go watch it myself right now!)
  • Post-Race Interview from the media center at Homestead

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