Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sporting News on JJ Jr.

Writer Jim Pedley (from Sporting News) had a couple of suggestions for new parents-to-be Jimmie and Chandra, including a few concerning Uncle Chad:
  • "I wonder if the decision to have a child had to be cleared through Chad Knaus." (You know, somehow that doesn't sound as far fetched as it might seem...)
  • "I suggest to Uncle Chad that an arc welder is not an appropriate gift for a new-born." (Aww, why not? Gotta get 'em started early!)
  • "I wonder if Chad will be on the headphones to Jimmie and Chandra during those crucial moments in the hospital." (If it was up to Jimmie, heck, he probably would, but Chandra might have something to say about that!)
  • "I suggest presents to the child from Uncle Tony be thoroughly screened." (I just liked this one, hehe.) 
Read all the suggestions here.

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