Sunday, January 24, 2010

24/7 on HBO airs TUESDAY!

Don't forget, the first episode of 24/7 Jimmie Johnson: Race to Daytona airs this Tuesday, January 26, at 10 pm ET/PT. Thank God it's time to start thinking about Daytona!

In other news... Chad Knaus 4 Director? Terry Blount thinks it's a good idea in his article "John Darby's replacement? How about Chad Knaus?":
I have the perfect solution for finding a way to beat Jimmie Johnson.

I also have the perfect guy to replace John Darby as Sprint Cup Series director. Darby is taking a new position at NASCAR, which will be announced Thursday.

With four straight Cup titles between them, Chad Knaus and Jimmie Johnson are the most feared crew chief-driver combo in NASCAR.

And I can fix both things in one move: Name Chad Knaus as Darby's replacement.

Knaus is the mastermind crew chief who has guided Johnson to four consecutive Cup titles. He's also seen as the most innovative guy in the Cup garage.

That's the nice way to put it. Others might say he's the guy who has found the most ingenious ways to skirt the rules.

And NASCAR has a history of convincing the man who outsmarted it the most to switch sides and become its top policeman. I won't be harsh and say the biggest cheater, just the man who was best at pushing the envelope. Former Cup director Gary Nelson is one example.

So Knaus is the right man for the job. You couldn't fool him. For Knaus, it's been there, done that.
(Read the full article here)
I like it! I mean, I don't want anyone to find a way to beat JJ (except for Tony), so obviously I'd want him to wait until the next time the job opening comes around, by which time he'd have already accomplished the 48's world domination, but when it does, I think he'd be a great candidate for the job! He'd be like Sherlock Holmes...he already knows his competition like the back of his hand, and of course he knows exactly what he'd do in their place, so who better to make new rules? I mean, in a way he's already had a hand in the creation of several new lines in the rulebook, so it'd be an easy transition to make. Makes you wonder who the next upstart crew chief will be and who'd give him the most trouble, hehe...

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