Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HBO Special - Be Sure to Tune In!

Team Lowe's Racing's Facebook status says that today's episode will be "highlighting TLR's Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus," so be sure to watch this one! Here's a little preview of what we're in for from NASCAR.com:
"Get ready for Chad Knaus like you've never seen him, folks.

We're talking 4 a.m. We're talking Chad in his pajamas."
Oh my God! I don't think I'm ready for this, lol! I wonder if he has those blue pajamas with the little 48's all over them like you can buy in the online store, hee hee! If he doesn't, somebody at the shop totally needs to buy him some for the sake of team spirit, methinks. And if he does, does he wear Superman underwear, too? I mean, isn't that totally the question that's at the forefront of your mind, too? I mean really, I don't know what all this brouhaha over Daytona is all about! Although considering that he was asked about underwear not once but twice on the "Ask Chad" section of Cheesin' Chadwick, I guess it really isn't so far from the truth! Speaking of the questions on there, I still want to know if he really has a tattoo or not or if he was just BS-ing. Depending on the placement of the tattoo in question, they may or may not be able to reveal that on national television, though... :evil grin:

Ahem, now that we've gone off track and straight into the gutter, let's focus a little. I wouldn't mind seeing his car collection...it was kinda cool to see Jr.'s on Cribs a while back, and you know Chad must have some pretty rad cars. I wonder if he's more of a muscle car kind of guy (his first car was a 1972 Camaro...talk about rad! My first and only car is a 2003 Civic, snorrre) or more fins & chrome? I'm gonna guess muscle cars, but maybe he just likes 'em all! Maybe we'll find out today...


Read the rest of the article, where Chad talks about initially being hesitant to do the show, not because it might cause fangirls to ponder his theoretical tattoo a little too hard, but because he was anxious that it might reveal too many details of their setup (which proved to not be a problem after the show was finished), here:

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