Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Paint Schemes

You've probably already seen these, but in case you haven't, here's what the cars will look like next season. Sorry for not posting the pics directly, but I didn't want to steal from Jayski.

2010 Paint Schemes (

The black and silver one with the Kobalt sponsor at the bottom is pretty much the same as last year's, but the first one got a major overhaul, going from blue and silver to blue and white. Hmm, I think I liked last year's with the silver better... I'm not really a big fan of white on race cars in general; I wish they had run Dale Jr.'s green-and-black car that he had at Talladega for most of the year instead of the green-and-white one, myself. Similarly, my favorite 48 car is from 2008, which also has a lot of black on it.

I wonder what kind of hat Chad will have next year, speaking of color schemes. Black, white, or tan...hmm! Once again, I'd go with black, myself (what can I say - must be the Earnhardt fan in me), but I liked last year's white one too, though...made him easy to spot against all the other guys' black hats, plus I liked that the "48" was more prominently displayed, so I don't feel like a walking ad for Lowe's. My dad's got one of the '08 black hats (yes, I turned him to the Chad Side, hehe), and someone actually asked him if he worked at Lowe's...oy! Obviously, Chad doesn't need a hat to tell the world he's with the 48 team, but it'd be helpful for the rest of us, though. As for looked good on him, so no complaints there, but I like the last couple that have been more in line with the paint scheme.

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