Monday, January 4, 2010 Chad Knaus Is Weird

Tonight we bring you an in-depth examination of the inner workings of Chad Knaus's mind from Rowdy Racing's (no relation to Kyle Busch) Bass Masters VBlog:
OMG, newsflash, Chad Knaus is weird! ...Duhhh, big red truck, guys! What was your first clue? I mean, of course they pointed out that his dedication, crazy as it may seem to us common folk, is exactly what got him where he is, and of course they're totally right about that. I'm just surprised they didn't think he was weird before, that's all! As an English major, I guess I'm used to the fact that major weirdos end up doing great things. In fact, I can't think of too many authors who weren't a little warped. Don't even get me started on Lord Byron...

Anyway, don't wake me up for the morning news unless Chad suddenly starts agreeing with Michael Waltrip on This Week in NASCAR all the time - THEN we'll have a problem!

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