Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Official Photo (plus car pics)

Driver photos for the new season are trickling in...here's the first one I found:

Official 2010 Photo with Chad, Jimmie, and car (Fox Sports)

The resolution isn't fantastic, but hey, at least Chad's in there! I wish more people would stick their crew chiefs in these official-type photos...the car's there, so to my way of thinking, the person who's in charge of building it ought to be in there, too. The driver gets most of the focus the rest of the year, so why not give them a little limelight? Heh, they're probably all like, "Noooo, don't make us do the evil photoshoot!" but come on, guys, it's only once a year!

The black-and-white Kobalt suits look nice (and so does the car)... I couldn't really tell you how they're different from last year's - they might be the same for all I know - but I like them, anyway! If you haven't seen the blue-and-white Lowe's suits for 2010, check out the bottom half of this post for some unofficial shots. They look good, too (and markedly different than last year's), although I'm less enthusiastic about the paint scheme for the car. Eh, it's not too, too bad...I can live with it for a year. ;) I definitely like the firesuits, though!

EDIT: Speaking of paint schemes, a couple pics of the actual 2010 Lowe's car (well, sort of...it still has the wing on it) are up at Jayski.com. I have to say, it looks a lot better in real life than it did in the drawings. Still a little too much white for my taste, but the clear coat adds a nice shine and depth to it that you couldn't see in the computer rendering. Can't wait to see it in action!

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