Saturday, January 16, 2010

JJ on TV Monday

Jimmie Johnson will be on TV Monday, Jan. 18 during the following shows:
  • The Today Show - Monday at 10:30 am ET on NBC
  • The Jimmy Fallon Show - Mon. Night (early Tues. morning, technically) at 12:35 am ET on NBC
I'm guessing no Chad (they'd so have to drag him away from the shop kicking and screaming this time of year...and really, who wants that?), but at least we'll get to hear what the team's been up to recently. Well, unless Kathie Lee wastes time making him do some kind of inane trick LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO whenever the NASCAR guys come on the show. Although I guess it's probably not limited to NASCAR drivers...that just happens to be the only time I watch the show. :P

Oh wait, I was thinking of Live with Regis and Kelly, sorry - I'm stuck in the '90s and keep forgetting Kathie Lee's not on there anymore. Eh, all those things are kind of the same, though; honestly, I don't watch that much TV, other than NASCAR...and hockey...and NCIS and The Mentalist, because those are rad shows. Speaking of hockey, I'd just like to say GO RED WINGS!! Kick some Blackhawk butt tomorrow! Uh, not to insult Chad's home team or anything...sorry dude, but I love me some Wings.

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