Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HBO Doc on JJ at Daytona

HBO is going to expand their 24/7 series, which previously covered boxing, and will do a documentary on Jimmie while he gears up for the 2010 Daytona 500, fittingly called 24/7 Jimmie Johnson: Race to Daytona. It's going to be divided up into four episodes, with the last episode actually being filmed during the race (not broadcast live, though; it will air a couple days later). Supposedly we're going to see a side of Jimmie the fans don't normally get to see (ooh! does this mean there's going to be footage of the golf cart incident? hehe, sorry, couldn't resist), and hopefully there will be much Chaddage during the course of the series (and Ron Malec...please, God, let there be lots of Ron Malec, lol!).

Anyway, it sounds interesting... With four episodes to work with, I hope they really get into the preparation of the car as well as focusing on Jimmie himself. You don't often get to see/hear what goes on behind the scenes at a race, so over and above getting to know the boys better, I'm just excited at the opportunity to see how everybody works together and what all goes into getting the car ready for the biggest race of the year.

Get the whole story in an interview with Ross Greenberg, president of HBO Sports (from NASCAR.com)


And speaking of documentaries, there's a new installment of the Chase 4 History video feature up on NASCAR.com from Sunday's race at Talladega. Um, I don't think I've posted the link to one of those since Kansas, have I? Sorry, guys, I'm falling down on the job! You can catch up on the rest of them by following the links underneath the video.

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