Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I hope you all have a great day with lots of good cheer! Eat lots of turkey (if you like turkey, that is...if not, well, eat lots of whatever you do like, lol)!

Here's something I think everybody around here is thankful for this week... ain't nothing like seeing my boys surrounded by 4 - count 'em 4 - Sprint Cup trophies!

I'm also thankful that Jimmie is going to be making an appearance at the Lowe's in Santee on Monday!! I don't know if anybody else who reads this lives in San Diego, but if you do, it's the one on Mission Gorge Rd., and it goes from 7-10 pm. I'm so excited! I've never seen any of the drivers up close and personal, and now I get a chance to see Mr. 4-Time Champ in our hometown! Ahhh, this is so cool!

Now if only he'd drag Chad along with him... Come on, Chad, you'll like San Diego! We've got, like, the beach and stuff. Oh, and nice weather. Ok, San Diego's not really that exciting, but hey, seeing as how the only part of California you ever get to go to is Fontana, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, hehe.

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