Saturday, October 24, 2009

Midnight Ramblings

I know, midnight ramblings can be dangerous, right? But I'm just going to go ahead and make a total dork out of myself anyway, hee! Tonight I would like to discuss facial hair. I know, this is totally going to be all over CNN tomorrow - it's THAT BIG A DEAL. Now, as a Tony Stewart fan, I completely approve of the stubble look. Frankly, it's even better when it progresses to the point of being "scruff," in technical terms. However, there has been some dissension, even amongst Smoke fans, whether Jimmie's scruff should get a thumbs up or down (some of the opposition at a certain NASCAR humor site even gave his facial hair a name - Francisco, lmao), but after some serious analysis and major soul searching, I've come to the conclusion that Francisco - er, his scruff, was pretty darn hot. Although, really, I like it even more on Junior. Jimmie doesn't have to bring back Francisco if he doesn't want to, but Viking Dale can come back any ol' time he wants!

What does this have to do with Chad, you say? Well, since I've substantiated that I like this look on just about anybody (except Scott Speed...oy!), it stands to reason that it would look frickin' SMOKIN' on Chad, am I right?! Ladies (and gentlemen, I suppose...I don't discriminate) of the jury, may I present this piece of evidence?

Oh. My. God. Case closed. That's it - Chad, you are hereby not allowed to shave on Sundays anymore, because I think we can all agree we need more of this in our lives. I don't think he needs to keep going to the point of it being serious scruff, à la Smoke and Jimmie, but the stubble? Ohhh yeah!! Now, I know there's that one quote from him about making everybody on the crew look sharp and all for race day, but come on, he bent the rules for Francisco for most of this season, and it's not like it's the FIRST time he's ever broken a couple rules (*evil grin*), and anyway, they're more like guidelines (whoa, I even worked in a Pirates reference), so do it for us, Chad, because seriously, you look sharp no matter what, and this is just plain sexy.

Ok, enough drooling for one night...time for bed!

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