Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chad Knaus Crew Chief Hat

So supposedly you can order a hat like the white one Chad wears from the Lowe's Racing site, but when you click on the link to it from, Lowe's Racing basically tells you, "What choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" So if you were really looking forward to getting one and now you're all bummed out, may I suggest an alternative? Brickel's Racing Collectibles offers Chad's black hat (which I like better than the white one anyway) for only $10 plus shipping. Here's a pic:

Pretty rad, no? I bought one myself, and it got here just fine and everything, so the site is legit. It took awhile to get here, but considering we're on opposite sides of the country, I guess that's to be expected. Can't wait to show it off at Fontana.

UPDATE: I discovered that you can buy the white hat at the merch hauler at the racetrack, if you really want one (which I did, so I bought me one). They're kind of cool because the HMS logo on the left side says 25th Anniversary on it, so it's not just your everyday Chad Knaus hat. Not that there's really any such thing as an everyday Chad hat, because anything Chad is, by definition, way awesome. Now I need to start going on hikes or something outdoorsy just so I have an excuse to wear them, since I've got not one but two now...

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