Monday, October 19, 2009

Charlotte News & Photos

Hey hey hey, the 48 gang got 'er done again!  And it was pretty hard-won this time, too, although apparently it was a lot harder for many of the Chasers, considering 6 of them finished outside the top 15.  Still, Jeff and Denny gave him a run for his money, and WOW did he wiggle like crazy on that one restart, but he still came out on top and, according to Chad, he completed the biggest goal of his life (awww!) by winning every practice, qualifying, and the race.  High five, Chad.  If anybody deserves it, it's you.

Oh, and did anybody see Chad on RaceDay?!  Specifically the part where they show him back in the '90s on Jeff-o's team?  AHHH!!!  Too cute!  I didn't think anybody could make those awful Rainbow Warrior firesuits look good, but dayum, Chad WORKS it, baby!!  And then after the first practice, did you see him do that hot little strut back to the garage?  Um, fan please!  Man, this was just an all-around great weekend for TV sightings...  Well, except for the fact that NP got cut off by F1 qualifying, but F1 usually gets the short end of the stick, so I'll let it go this time.

Lalala, we can't hear the criticism!

 I was only kidding about wanting to strangle him!  See?  Haha ha...

Great article/interview with Chad:
Chad Knaus and Jimmie Johnson: The Perfect Weekend - The Bleacher Report

Video from Lowe's Motor Speedway:
SPEED Victory Lane with Jimmie
Press Pass with Chad and Jimmie
NASCAR Performance (since it got cut off by F1 qualifying)

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