Monday, October 12, 2009

Chad Gets Rad on X Games Rally Car

Oh my god, this is TOO funny!!! Now here's something you won't hear about on (obviously, or else I would have bid the heck out of this during the auction).

Back in August, rally car driver Matthew Johnson didn't have any sponsorship for the X Games, so the Jimmie Johnson Foundation, eBay, and a few others (including Travis Pastrana) pitched in to make it happen for him, and let's just say the outcome was pretty rad. The JJ Foundation's part of the deal included decorating the hood of the car with a picture of our very own Chad Knaus - WITH A MULLET! - from 15 years ago, with the caption "Chad Is Rad." L-O-friggin'-L! They also auctioned off a t-shirt with a picture of the hood that was signed by Chad (always the good sport) and Jimmie on eBay. Get the full story (and more pics of the car) at these two links:

Chad Is Rad -
Matthew Johnson post X Games 15 -

The Case-Mate/Nitro Circus "Chad Is Rad" car

The infamous Chad Is Rad t-shirt

Now, I don't see the mullet in the picture myself, but according to the article, it's there (just "no rear view offered," haha). And people ask me why I like Jimmie Johnson...He may seem kind of reserved, but who else surfs on a golf cart and puts a picture of his crew chief with a mullet on a rally car? As Chad knows, it's us quiet ones you have to watch out for. ;)

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