Friday, March 19, 2010

48 starting 4th at the Valley

It's nice when you get a chance to use "the Valley" to mean something other than San Fernando...because usually I'm not talking about anything pleasant when I mention that Valley. However, at Thunder Valley, which is totally awesome, Johnson and the Knaus Sausage House (ladies and gentlemen, we now have our very own appropriately inappropriate nickname for the 48 team) qualified 4th today for the Food City 500, which is coming up on Sunday. ...I should really change this blog to 14 years and older, shouldn't I? *evil grin* Sometimes I wonder how clean is clean, but I'm pretty sure that crosses the line, haha.

I didn't find any Chad quotes from today (but I didn't look that hard...I really am the worst blogger ever...well, scratch that - just the laziest!), but I did find this quote from Jimmie and had to share, because who doesn't love a Ward Burton story?
"One funny one was when Ward (Burton) and I got into it one year at Loudon. We were coming from the back and coming up through there and we got together going into Turn 1 and I got into him and turned him around and he hit the fence. He got back on track and spent like four or five laps trying to crash me. So then I was pretty nervous about what went on and started tracking him down. I called his office but that didn't work and somehow I got his home phone number. And I don't know what made him more mad actually, whether it was me calling him on the phone or calling him at home. I think he was cussing at me because it was a little tough to understand him (laughter) but he went on for 30 seconds in just four-letter words and he finally calmed down and we talked it out from there. That's just a part of it." (

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