Sunday, March 7, 2010

12th at Atlanta

Welp, no three-in-a-row for Jimmie, but the 48 car did finish 12th and moved up to 4th in points. I had to leave before things got exciting, so I didn't see the team's pit problems or the run-in with Newman. Or the Edwards-Keselowski incident, either! I GOTTA go back and watch that! I never thought I'd say this, but HECK YEAH EDWARDS!! Somebody needed to teach that kid (haha, "kid," he's almost a year older than me) a lesson. I don't care if the original contact between them was an accident; Brad's been stockpiling bad karma for I don't know how long, and it was time for someone to cash it in for him. Thanks for doing the honors, Carl.

I have to say, I don't like seeing anybody's car going airborne, though, and I'm glad Brad's okay. On the other hand, they now have their tit-for-tat: Brad flipped Carl at Dega, now Carl flips Brad. As much as I really am concerned about safety, a part of me can't help but think there was a measure of just deserts being doled out here.

Speaking of safety, Brad himself had a Public Service Announcement to make about clean racing afterward: "To come back and just intentionally wreck someone, that's not cool. He could have killed someone in the grandstands." (AP) Gee, Brad, ya think? Maybe you should have thought of that at Dega before you flipped Carl into the stands, which actually did hurt people! Oh wait, but that was totally accidental, I forgot. Just like all the other times you've "accidentally" wrecked people in the Nationwide Series. I'm so glad to hear that the safety of the drivers and fans is what's really at the forefront of your mind, and all that wreckin' stuff was purely coincidental.

Sorry this doesn't really have anything to do with Chad and the 48 guys...what can I say, they didn't spend last year wrecking half the Nationwide field, so they're just not as exciting to talk about at the moment. (While we're off the subject, I would also like to say congrats to the Red Wings for beating the Blackhawks 5-4! Honestly, I was not expecting that, and it was awesome!)

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