Monday, June 28, 2010

2 in a Row!!!

Wait, where am I?  Which race is this?  Suddenly I'm getting a funny deja vu!  Oh, of course!  It's because the 48 team won last weekend AND this weekend!  So not only is it deja vu because they won last weekend, but it's deja vu for the last time the 48 won back-to-back races at Fontana and Las Vegas (which I was there for).  I could get used to this!  On the other hand, this one will always stick out in my mind because it's always a good day when my two favorite drivers pass Kurt Busch for 1st and 2nd place.

Got a little hairy at the end there between Kurt and Jimmie...Kurt tried to put the nudge & budge over on Jimmie after the restart, but in the end, Jimmie gave him the ol' Dale Earnhardt "pardon me...#$%hole" move and took the win.  As much as I rag on Kurt Busch, that was some damn nice racing from both of them.  Nobody got too into it and ruined the other's day; each pushed it just enough to give himself an advantage.  Loved it.

Hey, speaking of smooth moves, can I give a shout-out to Kyle Busch for looking like he meant to do a complete 360 degree turn and then getting back in the gas after Burton got into him?  My God that guy can drive!  Please somebody give him a decent car again next week...I love watching him get up on the wheel.

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