Monday, February 22, 2010

Score another win at Fontana!

The #48 was able to hold on to the lead when Kevin Harvick made a slight error and won the Auto Club 500 at Auto Club Speedway. That makes 2 consecutive wins at Fontana, 5 total wins at Fontana, and 48 wins overall. I was hoping maybe they'd get their 48th at Homestead, but I'll take Jimmie's and my home track - that works, too! Congrats, guys! 4 straight championships - what a way to get to 48!

Sorry no posts for so long - between being super busy in general and all the hockey that's been on (hehe), I haven't been on the Internet that much period! Heck, I haven't even posted pics from Daytona yet, oops! Worry not, I'll have pics from both Daytona and Fontana either tomorrow or Wednesday, and then Thursday I'm off to Las Vegas, WOOHOO!!  I think I said this last time I went to a race and didn't do it, but I'll seriously try to sign up for the "blog from your phone" thing this time so I can give y'all live updates from the track. I do have pit passes this time, so mayyybe I'll get some great Chad pics (and mayyyyyyyyyyybe I'll get to meet him, oh my God!).

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