Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Pics, New Hat!

Hey, hey, hey, it's the first pic of the new season!

"DUCT TAPE: The Choice of Champions! The most important tool in any crew chief's toolbox - great for taping the grille or shutting up an obnoxious driver! Available in gray, gray, and gray."

Well, I've been in total suspense all off season wondering if there would be a big New Hat Roll-out once the season began, and lo and behold, I wasn't disappointed! I like the blue stripe - racy! - and I'm glad he kept it white because it makes it easier to pick him out of a crowd on race day...only the Big Cheese gets a white hat, apparently. Even JJ respects the authori-tay of the white hat, hehe. Anyway, I know what I'm getting at Las Vegas, if they have them! (Hey, and they also have #48 PIT SHIRTS now, which I have been clamoring for for I don't know how long!) Holy crap, it's like I'm starting a collection of CK hats...scary, lol. Oh well, sounds more fun to me than stamp collecting, anyway. No offense to stamp collectors, but...yeah, that just doesn't appeal to me, sorry.

There are an absolute boatload of new Chad (and Jimmie, obviously) pics on the Team Lowe's Racing Facebook page, so I'll just give you a link to their photo album and let y'all go to town by yourselves:

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