Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It just writes itself...

Well, not quite, but with Jimmie on Twitter, I don't even have to do the work anymore. In fact, I'm just gonna post a link because I don't want to steal Jimmie's picture (suuuure, that's the reason...not because I'm lazy or anything!).

Chad Knaus IS...Goldmember!

I love that this has 1,933 views, but only one person has commented on it (and it was NOT me!). There's not much you can really say to that, is there? ...Well, actually, I can think of one thing: if Chad is Goldmember, does that make Jimmie Beyonce? >:D

Edit: We have a development in the plot, everybody!

"Parties over, Chad found Chad"

("Parties" being JJ's spelling, not mine.)

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