Friday, August 5, 2011

Chief of the Forty Eight turns Four-Oh

Happy birthday, Chad!!  Our favorite crew chief has hit the ol' milestone - the Big Four-Oh, everybody! Not bad, 5 championships before you hit 40. I hope the post-40 years treat him just as well! Sounds like it's going well so far, if the prank he pulled on Rutledge Wood on Trackside today is any indicator (Carl Edwards knows a guy in Decatur...har har...I miss that ad). Rutledge thought he was going to get Chad at his motorhome like he gets everybody else, but just as "you can't BS a BS-er" (my dad's favorite saying), you can't prank a prankster. The look on Rutledge's face when Chad comes out of the motorhome is priceless! I'll try to find the video, but I don't want to spoil for anybody who recorded it right now, so I'm gonna leave you hanging about what happened, sorry.

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