Monday, April 26, 2010

LOL @ Jeff Gordon

Jeez, Jeff, have you been to the doctor lately? I'm no expert, but it sounds like you're going through menopause, man. I mean, over and above your kerfuffle with Jimmie, the fact that Tony Stewart had to calm YOU down last weekend tells me something just ain't right. What's next, Harvick and Edwards throw a popcorn party together?

But back to the Jimmie issue...I just don't understand why you've waited until now to be offended by a little beating and banging. I mean, you raced with Earnhardt for the first eight years of your career, right? I was assuming you'd probably be used to racing hard by now, but I guess I was wrong. What can I tell you, if it's still bothering you after all this time, maybe you should try switching to the kinder and gentler IndyCar Series. Either that, or like I said, give the doctor a call. He'll probably ask you a few questions, like, "Are you experiencing hot flashes?" I wouldn't know the answer to that one - you'll just have to be honest with yourself - but when he asks you if you're having mood swings, you can definitely answer "yes."

A Concerned 48 Fan

Read what Jeffie's whining and moaning about: "Gordon's frustration with Johnson continues at 'Dega" (

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